Friday, 5 April 2013

Me 4 Leftovers 1

I did it!  Well mostly, I managed to get through the pile of leftovers that were hanging around my fridge since before Easter.  I am pleased to report that the only casualty was a small portion of the spinach that I had.  By the time it made it's way into a salad some of the leaves had gone kind of slimy.  Guess that next time I'll stick it in the freezer and use it in a lasagna.

Now all I need to take care of is some squash soup from yesterday (yum) and a pile of Easter Candy (Oh yeah, that's going to be tough ; )

PS.  Ok, this is totally and completely unrelated to food waste, frugality or personal finances.  But I'm posting it anyways.  I know what a troll is, I've been in the world of blogs long enough to know that there generally isn't much point it arguing with them.  Today though there was a comment that I just couldn't let go.  (First comment at the bottom, my answer is below it.)  I don't expect that the person who made the comment in the first place will change her mind.  I am hoping to change yours, or if you don't have an opinion on the matter of mental illness I would ask you to think about it for a moment.  I have a mental illness and the idea that someone would equate me to a criminal or a member of the "undesirable class" sickens me.  I am a nurse and have had both the chance to work with others with mental illness and in the prison system.  I can tell you from first hand experience that most people with a mental illness are truly wonderful, often very capable people.  More often than not they contribute more to society than they take.  Yes, some of the criminals I've worked with have mental illnesses, some of them also have diabetes.

Having a mental illness doesn't make me or anyone else bad.  We're not dangerous or undesirable.  We're not even wired wrong.  We're just different, and even though we are that it is a good thing.  Unfortunately some people are scared of people who are different.  I hope I can convince you not to be one of those people.


  1. I actually ended at your blog because I saw your reply to that awful comment. Mental illness is something very close to my heart as I have family members who have different forms, including my own struggle with anxiety. I thought your reply was very poignant. Thank you for helping to spread awareness, I think that is so important in a world full of people who are afraid to speak up about it.

    1. Thank you for your words of support. I have Generalized/Social Anxiety Disorder so we are probably in a similar boat. We role our eyes at the fact that our ancestors thought that people with fevers needed bloodletting to cure them. I hope that some day, with enough education, our children will role their eyes at the idea that there is something wrong with having a mental illness.