Saturday, 20 April 2013

Making do - Power Cord

Yesterday was a sad day indeed.  My lap top power bit the dust while I was at work and I was down to one computer.  (Yes I know I sound over privileged but ask any computer programmer and they'll tell you that two screens make life a whole lot easier, and since I work in a techie area it can be a lot easier with two computers going at once.  But I digress.)  While I stared at my solitary working screen I bemoaned what the replacement was going to cost me.  Not to mention that I had just replaced my power cord a year and a half ago when a cute little kitten mistook the old one for a toy and put a couple of holes in it.  I knew that there was no point putting off the problem since when my current power cord is plugged in it makes crackling noises and smells of burnt metal.  (Does any one know what causes this by the way?)  I have absolutely no intention of burning down my house thank you very much.  
Components Are from left to right - A, B, and C

Enter one of my favourite frugality sayings: “Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Work, or Do Without!"  Of course my power cord has already passed by the first two suggestions being completely used up and worn out.  There is the option of doing without, however that means no computer at home, no online banking, limited communication with my family, no e-mail, no access to the many blogs I read or recipe sites, no TV shows or YouTube and no access to the many records that I keep electronically.  Needless to say, being without my computer is not something that I particularly want.  So I started thinking about making it work, without burning anything down.  Then I realized that it's not the entire power cord that's shot, simply component A.  There is no problems when I use the main cord (B) with the extension cord (C).  I can make the power cord work by simply excluding component A and using B and C together all the time.  Sure, it is a bit awkward because of the length, but it is much more preferable to tossing the lot and running out to buy a new one.  Add to that the fact that I saved components A and C from the cord demolished by the kitten which means I have the added flexibility of two components Cs.  (I did have two As but I haven't been able to locate the second one since my move.  I'll let you know if it ever reappears.)  

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