Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Writing Fun

Many of you will know that I was absent from this blog a fair bit last moth because I was partaking in an absolutely silly venture. I signed up with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to write a 50,000 word book in November. I can now say that I won!

Yes folks, over the course of 30 days I pounded out 50,000 words in the form of a novel. Either I'm really good or I need my head checked. So what did I learn from this insane venture?

1. Friends are important. One of my good friends also took part in and won the challenge. We had each others backs that whole time and e-mails back and forth were frequent. We pushed each other and then got to celebrate together at the end.

2. I had cut active fun out of my life way too much. Sure I took in some passive fun, usually watching TV while I made and ate supper or folded laundry, but I wasn't DOING things that I enjoyed. Writing a novel every day was to be constantly thinking planning and plotting, on the bus, during chores, and as I slept. I was always excited about getting just a couple minutes alone to pound out some words.

3. I can manage a heck of a lot when I put my mind to it. I worked 32 hours a week and was doing a full time masters (including final projects) while I wrote my book. Nothing else suffered as I dedicated myself to my writing during my off time, if anything I felt more balanced.

4. I need to set more writing goals and work at them earnestly. My friend from point 1 will be helping me out with this by holding me accountable as I hold her accountable.

5. I am so doing this next year. A novel in a month is sooooooooo much fun. Especially when there several 100 thousand other people doing it too.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Pay Day 1 December 2013

So my monthly pay check is in for a total of $3,805.97.  My pay has increased for the next few months as I’ve paid my EI for the year. My budgeting will continue as if I did not see this extra $200 and that amount will be put towards my House Payments

Housing 40% - $1,439.35
Mortgage - $646.62
House Maintenance - $315.00
Housing Taxes - $192.00
House Insurance - $72.00
Utilities – $213.73
Total – $1,439.35

Savings 10% - $359.83 – All going to my RRSP

Extra Mortgage Payments 10% - $359.83

Transportation 15% - $539.75
Bus Pass – $0
Train - $0
Other - $15
Car Savings – $0
Total - $15
Leftover - $524.75

Life 25% - $899.63
Food - $130
Cell – $30
Internet - $60
Health Insurance – $23.52
Clothes - $10
Gifts - $10
Misc - $10
Big Ticket Item - $100
Entertainment - $10
Social/Sports - $0
Financial Planning - $14
Cat - $10
Slush – $492.11
Total - $1107.21

Extra from not having to pay EI - $207.58

Of Note:

- Between my normal mortgage payment ($646.62), my Extra Mortgage Payment Amount ($359.83), what is left from the transportation budget ($524.75), my Slush money ($492.11), and my Extra from not having to pay EI ($207.58) I have a total of $2,240.89 to put against my mortgage. Which means not only can I afford to increase my monthly payments from $711.28 to $782.40 but I can double up my payment to $1,564.80 and have $666.09 left over to add to my yearly 10% pot.

- My BTI money is earmarked this month for a wisdom tooth extraction. Truly there is nothing more exciting to spend $100 on.