Current Goals

The most commented on goal that I am pursuing is that of owning my home free and clear by the time that I reach the 5 year mark (and my mortgage is up for renewal.)  You can read the details of my plan in my post "Mortgage Plan Revisited - Monthly Payments"and in "Mortgage Plan Revisited - Yearly 10%"

Amount of House Owned
Goal:  $191,000 by Nov. 8 2017
Current:  $91,081.65


The biggest goal which I am currently pursuing is that of being Financially Self Sustaining.  I hope to become so around the time I plan on graduating with my Masters.  Both of these will open a lot of doors for me.

Financially Self Sustaining
Goal:  $159,400 by July 2015
Current:  $171,160.12


I have (for the moment) settled on a retirement goal, simply so that I have something to aim for at the moment.

Goal:  $803,000 by November 2029
Current:  $171,160.12

Completed Goals
When fully funded my Emergency Fund will be able to cover 3 months of necessary expenses.  While there is a good deal of debate out in the world of personal finances concerning whether or not an Emergency Fund is a good idea, and if so how big is enough at the moment I sleep much better knowing that I have it available should, once again, my life fall into disarray.

As you can see below my emergency fund has hit more than 100% (this is as of the second of July 2013 1 year and 4 months before the goal date of November 2014). For the moment any growth in this savings will be due purely to interest earned on the balance in the checking account, savings towards an emergency fund will not recommence until I feel that my risk has gone up (ie. I have kids or a more expensive home). The money that previously was being used for my emergency fund has been completely diverted towards paying off my mortgage.

Emergency Fund
Goal:  $5,743.11 in 2 years
Current:  $5,748.47


When I started my car fund I had every intention of buying a car.  Now I am more than happy without one (actually I'd rather prefer to stay without one.)  However, having this set aside will give me flexibility should circumstances suddenly change.  At the moment though, I will be sticking to my wagon.  Car savings is full as of the 1st of August 2013.

$45 dollars on Kijiji - it's awesome for getting groceries.  

Car Fund
Goal:  $9,000
Current:  $9,000 - Reached 1 August 2013


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