Friday, 26 April 2013

Food Waste - The loss of good intentions

I am generally pretty proud of myself over the last two weeks.  Due to the new room mate situation and some poor planning that was the result of a number of weekends away I ended up eating leftovers for an entire week.  Yes, literally the whole week, lunches and suppers were leftovers from the week before.  It was convenient in that I didn't have to cook, but as fond as I am of leftovers a whole week of them was a tad excessive.  Of that whole time the only thing that got pitched were some refried beans that tasted just a tad funny.  Unfortunately they got dumped unceremoniously in the green pin without a picture for posterity.
I did however snap a picture of the unfortunate eggs which I had the good intention of turning into some sort of baked good.  As you can probably see from the date on the box my good intentions kept on being put off resulting in an unfortunate loss of two eggs.  Oh well, life gets busy and you have to prioritize.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds a pretty good week on the food waste front, even if you did end up eating a lot of leftovers!