Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Goal Review End April

I would like to take this chance to apologize to any of my neighbors who saw me in my front yard last week dancing like a loon.  I’m not crazy, just happy . . . promise. 


- Set up RRSP investments with my return of value pension from the military and contribute $359 a month for the year, along with any tax refunds. CHECK [Savings are happening as planned.  The return of value has arrived and was promptly invested. See how here.]

- Pay off house in 5 years.  I should be able to accomplish this by doubling up every payment and paying a 10% lump sum every year.  CHECK [Made my double up for the month.  Also got $4,300 of scholarship money for my upcoming Master’s Degree which frees up some of the money I had previously put aside for my education.]


-Start Masters of Science / Masters of Science in Nursing in the fall.  CHECK [I have been officially accepted, hence the impromptu dance in my front yard last week.  I even have my supervisors all ready assigned.]


-Join two new clubs in the local area.  CHECK [Quilting club is going strong and the writing group is meeting at my place every month to avoid paying for a venue.] 


-Have my novel accepted to be published.  I plan to have it ready by the end of the month (January), so I can start sending it out. CHECK [The whole manuscript is done (and I’m avoiding making huge changes except for grammar, and I’ve sent out a query letter.)  Now comes the waiting.] 

-Become a respite foster parent. CHECK [I’m meeting with my Social Worker tomorrow and have been loaded on the next course.  I do need to follow up on getting the medical side sorted.]

-Take a big backpacking trip solo. CHECK [Saving is going as planned and I haven’t touched my vacation days yet.] 

-Finish my current crafting projects.  CHECK [The important one is being worked on almost every night.] 

I’ve seen progress on each of my goals for a lovely 100%.  In May I want to focus on a couple of things.  1.Set an appointment with my family doctor to get my medical forms for my foster care application filled out. 2. Review my Mortgage Plan and continue to work towards saving the extra money I’ll need for my 10% payments.  3. Keep up the good progress on my embroidery.  

Have a question?  I'd love to hear it!


  1. Wow....you are impressive!!! Keep up the good work....

    1. Thanks! Not every month goes well, but at the moment I'm savouring being on top of the world ; )