Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bottled Water

I have been long a fan of bottled water.  It's great for delicate medical devices that need to create humidity and can't risk having sediment in the water.  It's also great for reconstituting certain very delicate medications.

Of course if you're not reconstituting medications or using it with a medical devise, bottled water is a dumb idea.  Yet I see many people (seemingly healthy) drinking bottled water and then tossing the bottle. Apparently it is more convenient to go find some crude oil, dig it up, ship it somewhere to be turned into plastic, shipped elsewhere to be filled with water, and then shipped to a store where you can pay a ridiculous amount of money for it than carry around a refillable bottle or canteen (which you can probably refill at a TAP, because chances are if you're reading this you live in a country with potable water).  Of course I've heard some people complain that tap water tastes funny.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big fan of water, give me milk or juice any day.  However, if you are that sensitive to the taste of water might I suggest that you use a reusable water filter?  It is considerably cheaper than buying bottles.  If, on occasion, you need to drink potable yet unfiltered water might I suggest that though it may not taste the best it is much better than the bitter taste of our planet's resources being wasted?

At a bottle of water a day (about $2.50 per bottle) you are wasting $912.50 a year on something that you pay pennies for out of the tap.  Save yourself some money and go buy a water filter ($20) and fill up that old water bottle that's been gathering dust.  (You know that one you probably got as a promotional item or at a charity even.)  Then, may I suggest, you send the money I just saved you to a charity that digs wells in areas that don't have access to clean water.  That way every body gets what they need and the planet might actually be habitable for our grandchildren.

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