Sunday, 19 May 2013

Retirement - The non-money side

One of the things I love about blogging is getting reader feedback.  It gives me something to think about . . . which is one of the reasons I blog in the first place.  Which is why I really enjoyed getting the following comment.  

"Keep in mind that the earlier you retire the more you have to save because you'll have a larger number of retired years to budget for. There's always the option of semi-retirement - getting a low stress part-time job where you get out of the house, have that social time and financial reward but leave behind the stress of a full-time career. Just something to think on.. "

I've been thinking about the above reader comment which was posted on Early Retirement article.  The comment has two aspects, the numbers side which I'll get to at a later date and the question of what I would do when retired.  It is true that a low stress part-time job (like being a kayak instructor or a camp councillor) gives you both meaning, social interaction, and a sense of purpose and for a lot of people is a great idea.  Personally I'm planning on taking on a high stress full-time job that costs me money instead of making it.  

In other words I want to be a parent.  Specifically I would like to be an adoptive parent.  Financially I would like to reach a point that for my retirement the number of children that I raise is limited by my energy and time not by finances.  I believe that this would give me an amazing challenge and a deep sense of fulfilment.  I am not deluded into thinking that it will be easy or that it will be all happy days, both the things in this world worth doing are seldom easy.  

Have a question?  I'd love to hear it!

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