Monday, 27 May 2013

FP - Clothesline

It’s slick, it’s silent it’s . . . my brand new clothesline.  (I’ll give you a moment to appreciate it.) 

There we go!  Isn’t it lovely?  Conceived and designed by my father and constructed by yours truly, it is indeed a work of art; which coincidently also saves me money. 

How much you ask?  Well there is no such thing as an energy efficient dryer; they’re all hogs.  Mine will use an average of 950 kWh per year (79 kWh per month.)  I estimate that I can (aka am challenging myself to) use it from April until October.  Seven months use and five months in the dryer. 

I pay for electricity based on time and day.  There are three levels and cost as follows:

On-peak – 0.11800 $/kWh
Mid-peak – 0.09900 $/kWh
Off-peak – 0.06300  $/kWh

So depending on when you do your laundry, in my area you could potentially save anywhere from $9.32 to $4.98 per month.  I'll go with the higher amount because the line also frees you up to do your laundry whenever it is convenient.  Every year this simple construct (which was amazingly fun to build by the way) will save me $65.24.  The materials cost me a max of $25, which means that it will pay for itself in two and a half months, everything after that is gravy.  

I expect the line to last a long while and it was loads of fun to build.  It was certainly worth the investment!  

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  1. Fantastic! I have an indoor pvc pipe line for shirts throughout the winter. :) We celebrated our one year home owning anniversary today, and feel like we finally own the home... so, we plan to put up a clothes line within a few weeks.
    You did great!