Friday, 3 May 2013

Food Waste - Growing Things Addition

I feel terrible about my food waste usually.  This time however I can some what justify it as it helped give root to budding new organisms.  See?

Ok so mould may not be the most exciting of organisms but still, it gave us Penicillin.  Sacrificed to grow this fine culture was half a dozen home made crackers that I had forgotten I had when I ran out of home made cheese to put on top of them.

On the other hand these went bad in 2 weeks.  I've had store bought crackers that wouldn't mould after 2 months.  Kind of makes you wonder what they put in so that mould wouldn't find them edible.  I have a new policy, if it won't rot, decompose, grow (like nuts and seed), or mould it's not fit for my consumption.  That said mould wasn't the only thing growing at my place this week.

These are the plum blossoms that erupted yesterday.  Hopefully I'll be enjoying their fruit all summer long!

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