Friday, 24 May 2013

Food Waste - Double or Nothing

The good news first.  I had no waste this week.  (Please stand up and cheer . . . ok you can sit down now.)  The bad news, that means no photo for you today.  (Maybe tomorrow though.)

I'll admit it was a bit of a close call.  My split pea salad was hanging around my fridge for days.  Probably because I messed up on the recipe some how.  Way too much onion, definitely not enough (or not strong enough) dressing.  Such is life, but you won't see that recipe on my table again any time soon.

On the bright side I've been doing "Double or nothing" meals all week and loving it.  A double meal around my place means one meal that makes two suppers and two lunches in the same week.  (As well as the possibility of frozen meals in the freezer.)  I have read of some people eating the same meal for weeks to save money and time.  I'm not sure my pallet would be happy with the same thing day after day, however I have no problem eating the same thing for four meals a week.  (Especially if it is something as tasty as split pea soup from scratch.)  Plus, it frees up a whole bunch of free time, which I think will be really useful when I start my masters in September.

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  1. While I like leftovers, I think the same meal four times in one week is a little too many times for me. Glad it's working out well for you. Congratulations on no waste.

    1. I already used to eating the same thing for lunch that I had for super the night before. Doubling that wasn't all that much of a leap. :D