Friday, 17 May 2013

Food Waste Friday - Too much stuffing

Meet this weeks food waste faut pas.  It may not look bad but it certainly smells off.  This was the stuffing for a stuffed red pepper recipe.  While tasty inside the pepper I had a bit leftover once my peppers were full.  Unfortunately there wasn't enough for a full meal and it's not quite snack material.  I should have seen it coming.

Mean while we're heading into the long weekend and I could use the break.  Besides my normal weekend chores I've got lots planned to do around the house now that the weather is warm.  My to do list over the next 3 days is comprised off but not limited to:

-Plant Garden
-Remove dandelions from back yard
-Mow lawn
-Add down spout to car port
-Build rain barrel
-Start refinishing dresser
-Put up clothes line

Most of the above (except 2 and 3) are new ventures for me so it should be exciting around my place this weekend.

Have a question?  I'd love to hear it!

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