Friday, 22 March 2013

Solution . . . Hummus Popsicles

As you may have guessed from the rather witty title above my food waste woes for this week was the tail end of a container of home made hummus.  It doesn’t look bad in the picture but I can tell you it’s gone quite bitter.  On the bright side I had a quick save this week in the vegetable department.  One green pepper, half a cucumber and two tomatoes were (mostly) salvaged and made a delicious Greek salad two nights ago. 
It’s been several months since I’ve wasted hummus but it is a reoccurring problem.  I am a terrible estimator of how much hummus I’m going to eat before it goes.  I’ve gotten better and am making less to begin with, however the problem with the home made stuff is that you need to make a certain amount or the food processor won’t be able to turn it into a proper paste. 
The solution I believe will be not only simple (which is good) but pretty nifty.  Hummus freezes quite well as I have done this in the past.  So my plan for the next batch of hummus is to freeze it in serving size portions.  Since most of my hummus is eaten at work as part of my mid-afternoon snack a serving’s worth it quite simple to dish out.  If all goes well I’ll make a huge batch of hummus and freeze in individual balls (if I had an ice cube tray I’d use that) and store them in the freezer.  Every Sunday, when I fix my snacks for the week, I’ll pull out five to thaw and take one a day for lunch.  In the process I will hopefully insure that I never, ever waste another mouthful of tasty and healthy homemade hummus = ).  

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  1. I may have to do the same. My homemade hummus always goes bad before we eat it all. But I also don't love my hummus as much as I would like for some odd reason.