Friday, 15 March 2013

March Mid Month Check-Up

Here comes the mid-month review.  You may have noticed the slight increase in my Emergency fund.  (Actually it jumped from 21.1% to 83.3%.)  That would be the happy result of my moving claim being finalized.  At this rate my fund should be fully funded by July freeing up some money in my monthly budget = )

Mortgage - Successfully doubled-up
Retirement/Emergency Savings - On Track/See above
House Maintenance - Savings are up to $706.49. I'm feeling good about this area and have no plans for spending it at the moment. 
Housing Taxes/Insurance – Taxes savings are at $238.63 with the bill (about $1,200 due by the end of June.  I’ll need to move some of the excess “life” money to this account.  Insurance is on Track
Big Ticket Items - $129.82 in savings, those unanticipated big expenses keep rolling in. 
Travel - On Track
Health Insurance - Spent
Bus Pass - Spent
Cell Phone/Internet - Bills have not yet arrived.  As long as I don’t go over my minutes this month (it’ll be close) I’ll have an extra $15 in this account. 
Car Savings - Going well, and I am so not in a rush to get a car. 
Train - $104 still there.  Might use half of this to go home over Easter.  That said my brother and his fiancĂ© might be coming by my place to get to my parents . . .
Other Transportation - $90.70 left, I’m not getting cab rides as much as I expected.  I’ll have to reduce the amount I budget for this.  
Utilities - Bill has not yet arrived, but I’ve got $476.20 tucked away.  Should be enough for 2 months now that it’s getting warmer. 
Food - $116.39 left.  Though there are 3 more Saturdays (shopping day) in this month. 
Miscellaneous - $0 left.  Little early in the month to have nothing there, but I do have some cash in my wallet to cover miscellaneous. 
Entertainment - $0 left.  I paid for my writing seminar.  Can’t wait!
Social/Sports - $5, funny how this account goes down when you pay your dues.  
Clothes - $30, hmmm, wonder how long I can avoid shopping for clothe (ewwwwwww!)
Gifts - $8.73 just bought my sister’s birthday gift.  
Financial Planning - $15 I have an appointment made and will begin monthly payments then. 

I’m in a comfy place.  Nothing to do for the moment but to keep on going. 

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