Friday, 29 March 2013

Gotta Love no Waste

I am very pleased to announce to all of my lovely readers that this week has been a no waste week.  I’ll give you all a moment while you stand up and cheer with me. 

            Done now?  Great!  While I am extremely pleased that nothing made it to my compost there is an unfortunately large amount of food in my fridge (see the third shelf of my fridge).  Most of this food comes in the form of leftovers (though there is one partially prepped meal that never made it to the oven.)  The problem with this is that most of my leftovers generally get eaten as lunches over the weekend, and not only do I have more leftovers than usual I am also away for the weekend meaning that nothing is going to get eaten until Monday. 
            So the next week’s challenge will be to get though:
-       A container of refried beans
-       A large container of Spaghetti
-       The makings of four servings of stuffed peppers
-       Two eggs
-       A large bag of spinach
-       That misc container that is probably at the back that I’ve forgotten about

Anybody with teenage boys want to send them to my place next week?  


  1. You're right. Teenage boys would have no problem eating all of your food. In the meantime, will any of it go into the freezer?

    1. I might freeze the refried beans but the rest would turn to mush in the freezer. I'll just have a left over week. : )