Monday, 4 March 2013

Finding Time and Increasing Productivity - A Time for Everything

Welcome back to the second day of Women's Money Week.  If you didn't get all the posts from yesterday I highly recommend the following:

My biggest problem with time management is I have a tendency to obsess on a project.  This is great for the project in question since lots will get done.  Even better it can be very enjoyable to watch a project that has been dragging along finally zip towards completion.  When I’m obsessed with a project it will hold my complete attention, I’m talking about spending the first three days of my Christmas vacation on a single cross stitch project.  From the time I wake up until I go to bed the only thing on my mind will be one more row, finish that section, and which section will I do next?  There are a number of problems with this. 

First, it is discouraging to see my progress slow again once the obsession dissipates or real life intrudes.  How could I possibly be happy with only a couple lines of cross stitch completed when a week ago I was counting my progress in inches? 

Second, all other projects get put to the side.  While I’ll see tremendous progress on one project absolutely nothing will be done on any others.  They’ll be forgotten, even if they are of equal or more importance then the project I’m working on. 

Finally, I realize that it’s not always healthy to focus so intently on a single thing.  Though it’s great to spend a weekend working on something I enjoy doing it to the exclusion of every thing else in my life is not smart.  I need to see to real life, the chores and the humdrum as well as spread my attention to other forms of amusement. 

I do a number of things to keep my obsessions healthy.  I make sure that the day-to-day things come first.  I get up and go to sleep at normal times, fix three good meals a day and get exercise in.  I allocate certain times of the day or week for specific projects.  My blog gets written during my lunch break, the bus ride too and from work is reserved for reading, crafts get done during TV time and writing is the last thing before bed. 

I still need to pay attention to keep a good balance but by giving projects different times of the day every thing that needs to get done does get done.  How do you manage your time?  

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  1. That’s great, I need to get one into time management a little bit more. It seems like I never have enough time in the day.