Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Monthly Spending Recap

            A lot of the blogs I read, especially the ones focused on debt repayment, post weekly spending summaries.  I toyed with the idea of doing this for a bit and ultimately decided against it.  (Hence why you have yet to read a post on what I spent in the last week.)  The major reason behind this decision is quite simple.  I like all of you lovely readers and would hate to lose you to boredom.  Aren’t convinced my weekly spending is boring?  Here’s my spending for all of March: 

01 March – Health Insurance – $23.52
01 March – Bus Pass - $68.25
02 March – Food - $45.36
05 March – Writing Seminar - $44.00
05 March – Interact Fee – $1.00
06 March – Stamps - $0.63
08 March – Mortgage Payment - $1,422.56
09 March – Food - $20.94
12 March – Present for my sister - $11.27
16 March – Food – $17.65
23 March – Food - $31.71
23 March – Utilities - $347.80
23 March – Internet - $49.66
23 March – Cell - $28.25

I spent a total of $2,112.60 in March.  Of that $2,006.67 or 95% was on needs and $105.93 or 5% was on wants.  Six of the fourteen payments are regular bills that are either the same every month, or fluctuate predictably (utilities, based on heating requirements.) 

So now you know what you’re not missing each week.  I pay my monthly bills, I buy food on Saturdays and once every four months or so I splurge on a really fun big event. 

PS.  The only reason I paid the bank fee (read why I hate bank fees here) was because it was cheaper to pre-pay the seminar instead of paying at the door ($44 vs. $48) and the other prepayment option was mailing a check which would have cost me about a dollar worth of envelops, stamps and cheques.  

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