Friday, 18 October 2013

The Someday List

I have a bit of difficulty with the concept of patience. I need to be doing something towards my goals or I get antsy. The thing is that there are so many things that I want to see, do and learn and I have a limited amount of time and money. Of course I have the rest of my (hopefully) long life to complete all my goals. I'm trying (really hard) to concentrate on doing a few goals really well while the others bide their time. I don't want to lose track of all the wonderful things that get planned in my head so I've made a someday list that will reside on my blog and you will hopefully get to see some stuff crossed off. I debated really hard over putting financial goals on the list and ended up putting them separately. They are not goals for their own sake, but they will help me achieve my actual goals.

-Be a parent
-Write the books in my head (currently at 6)
-Sponsor an refugee
-Learn basic carpentry
-Learn basic pluming
-Learn basic welding
-Become the owner of a BIG piece of land with trees and water
-Build my own home
-Become proficient in the following languages:

  • Arabic (started)
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Polish

-Backpack in countries that speak the above languages (plus French since I already speak it)
-Learn more about Astronomy and the universe
-Spend 6 months of the year on a Volunteer Abroad excursion like this:
-Earn my Masters
-Earn my PhD
-Explore history through the books, and then go visit the places
-Take a kayaking/camping excursion
-Climb a mountain with a via ferata
-Take a 12 month Kiva Fellow placement

-Pay my mortgage in 5 years
-Have the opportunity to retire early


  1. That is a great list of someday goals. I took two courses on Astronomy during my BSc (and they ended up getting me a Physics minor in the process, haha) and I loved it. I was never so interested in space etc. I still leaf through my textbook sometimes.

    I am curious why you want to learn those languages of all the different ones out there - is it specifically so you can communicate when you backpack?

    1. Well, being able to connect and understand other humans starts with being able to understand their language. I want to be able to connect with and learn about all the people on the earth that I can. Plus I just find it fun, like a puzzle to be solved. Which is probably why I'm currently at 2 and a half languages.