Friday, 4 October 2013

Food Waste - Awful

Awful just about sums up my food waste at the moment. Unfortunately none got photographed for posterity. They just got dumped as I came across them. Thus far I've had to trash:

-The tail ends of a loaf of bread (I don't care what others say, the crusts do taste different!)
-One tortilla
-Some left over spaghetti
-The end of a cucumber

There's also half a bag of carrots that I'm going to try and save this weekend . . . we'll see if they can be used for baking.

Ever since starting my Masters (on top of my day job) fresh food in my house has been a high risk population. Mostly I have plans for it but end up not taking the time to make a fresh supper. Instead I just pull something out of the freezer or end up making a huge batch of a meal on the weekend and then eating it multiple times during the week.

On a brighter note even though bread and veggies have been having a rough go of late there is no danger of being a fruit in my house. I can polish off a large bag of apples every week so there's no danger of them going off.

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