Sunday, 27 October 2013

Meet my new Friend

Hi everyone meet  the newest member of my household. She came to me via the humane society as I get lonely in the evenings being the only person in the house most days. Originally named Tweek I've renamed her Tia and she's a real darling. Turns out that the fall is a good time to go looking for a cat since the humane societies are over run with kitten and will often offer sales. Here is how the price for kitty has stacked up so far. 

Cat - $60
Collar - $4.51
Carrier - $45.19

Food (BIG Bag) - $58.75
Litter (BIG Bag) - $9.02
City License - $6.00

Total Cost to date - $183.47

Let's call it an investment in happiness shall we?


  1. She looks very sweet. I hope you are both adjusting well to each other.

    1. Well she's no longer hiding behind the washing machine so I'll take that as progress. : D