Monday, 1 July 2013

Wedding Season

Let me first wish each and every one of you a happy Canada Day.  There is nothing like spending a day celebrating the fact that you live in one of the most privileged and peaceful places on earth.  But I digress.

My weekend absence from this blog was for a very good reason.  My brother got married on Saturday, which naturally necessitated a three day long celebration (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.)  I must say that their wedding was exemplary in it's sensibility.  (I know that's what every bride wants to hear.)  But it really was nice and only once did I see someone running around like a chicken with his head cut off (and that fire was but out quite quickly.)

Instead of pomp and circumstance the emphasis was on spending time with family.  Friends supplied both the venue and the play list.  Family hosted the parties on Friday and Sunday, and supplied the cakes.  Knowing that most family members would be coming a great distance to join in the festivities the bride and the groom requested that there be no presents.  For them having family come to spend the day with them was present enough.

Of course several family members brought presents anyways, myself included.  (Let's be realistic now, it's been years since I did what my brother told me.)  That said, I didn't go over board on the present.  It cost me maybe $10, oh yes, and about 150 hours of work.  I don't think that popular culture appreciates home made gifts as much as they use to.  Even though making something yourself takes much more effort and thought than picking something up at the store (no matter the price) ever could.

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