Monday, 29 July 2013

36 hours - Done PRIDE

It's done, it's all over.  Ten weeks and 36 hours of class.  I now have my certificate for PRIDE.  Well I don't actually have it.  Bureaucracies being what they are it didn't get printed for our last class meaning that I'll get it in the mail at some point.

As much as I'll enjoy having my Wednesday evenings to myself I do have to admit that I will miss the classes.  It brought together a group of divers and interesting people.  That said I'm ecstatic about being one step closer to being a qualified foster parent.  All I need is the rubber stamp of approval on my Home Study and I'll be done.

My house is almost all in order with the exceptions of some furniture that I'm getting second hand (more on that later) and some stuff I need to buy only once I'm approved.  (Stuff like mattress covers and electrical outlet covers.)

At the very latest I should be good to go for the beginning of September.  I'm sincerely hoping to have kids in my home 3 weekends a month on average, mostly school aged to teenagers, with no preference for gender.  I'll hopefully have 4 beds approved for my house (two beds in each of my spare rooms) though I doubt that they'll be full regularly.

Our last class had a bunch of families who had fostered/adopted come to speak with us.  It was great and mostly confirmed what I already believed.  Those things that are the hardest to do are also the most worthwhile doing.  Those are the things that also teach us the most about ourselves; like being in the military, nursing and volunteering.  Being a foster parent is bound to be one hell of an adventure!

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