Monday, 15 July 2013

July Mid Month Check-Up

Bills/Savings Paid

Mortgage - Successfully doubled-up
Retirement/Emergency Savings - On Track
Housing Taxes/Insurance – Taxes have been increased based on my predictions for next year’s bill.  Insurance is on Track
Travel – No longer saving, has been rerouted to mortgage payment
Health Insurance – Spent – but need to claim last round of meds
Bus Pass - Spent
Car Savings – Will have enough come August first

Bills waiting to be paid

Cell Phone/Internet - Bills have not yet arrived, had to use my extra to pay for increased internet usage when my room mate was here. 
Financial Planning - $14.32.
Utilities – $264.28 at my current rate I should set enough aside during the winter to pay for the spike in costs.  The utility company offers to do a similar thing, but it’s cheaper to average it myself. 


House Maintenance - Savings are up to $1,772.13. I’m slowly learning the value of small and constant maintenance. 
Big Ticket Items - $485.18 in savings. 
Train - $51.71 still there.  Spent some last week so I can go see my folks.  = D
Other Transportation - $90.70 set aside, mostly because people have been offering rides or lending me their car when I’m out past the time that busses run.  
Food - $172.71 left.  I’ve only gone shopping once this month so far. 
Miscellaneous - $20.59 
Entertainment - $15.44.  I’ve been buying books from the local library at 2 bucks a pop, it’s great and cheap. 
Social/Sports - $40, savings are going to stop here until I actually start spending some of it.  
Clothes - $70
Gifts - $48.40.   

Life is steadying out, and along with it so are the finances.  That said I wouldn't want you guys to get bored so FYI my finances should become a tad more challenging come September when I start my Masters since my full time pay check may decrease and I may pick up short term stints as a teaching assistant or research assistant.  

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