Friday, 5 July 2013

Goal Review End June

Given the general chaos cause by my brothers wedding my goal review got pushed back and ended up on today, the 5th of the new month.  I guess it’s better late than never.  Let me first comment on my usual Food Waste Friday.  Turns out that upon leaving my house mate hid some vegetables in the bottom of my fridge.  (Ok, I wasn’t looking all that hard to begin with, I was a tad busy.)  Anyways last night I had to do something with the cabbage that she left and which was going bad.  So I made my very first coleslaw (which wasn’t half bad!)  The next part is my monthly goal review. 


- Set up RRSP investments with my return of value pension from the military and contribute $359 a month for the year, along with any tax refunds. CHECK [My RRSP and Locked-in Account are all set up and my savings are chugging along, though I do need to see my bank about some more investments.]

- Pay off house in 5 years.  I should be able to accomplish this by doubling up every payment and paying a 10% lump sum every year.  CHECK [I’m keeping up with the payments and now that my emergency fund is full and my car fund is almost full I can pay each monthly double up (total of $1,422.56) from my pay check.]


-Start Masters of Science / Masters of Science in Nursing in the fall.  CHECK [I’m in the process of signing up for classes, doing some review, can’t wait to actually start.]


-Join two new clubs in the local area.  CHECK [Quilting has stopped for the summer but writing group’s still going as long as I host.] 


-Have my novel accepted to be published.  I plan to have it ready by the end of the month (January), so I can start sending it out. CHECK [Unfortunately after sending three chapters in to an agent they decided it wasn’t for them, oh well, there are other fish in the sea.]

-Become a respite foster parent. CHECK [I’ve done 6 of the 10 courses so far and I have another 2/3 meetings with my assessor.  Hopefully I’ll be done by the and of the month.]

-Take a big backpacking trip solo. CHECK [I’m still saving for this but I get the feeling I’m going to be revisiting this goal (more later.)] 

-Finish my current crafting projects.  CHECK [I did finish the table cloth I was making in time for my brothers wedding (you can see it here) though it did mean a couple of late nights to get it done.] 

Once again I pulled in a marvelous 100%.  That said I’m going to have too look at adding new goals/updating the ones that I have.  In July I want to focus on a couple of things.  1.Get some studying done for my Master’s 2. Get my manuscript back out there.  3. Take a good long look at my travel plans. 


  1. Great news on the coleslaw; it tastes SO much better than shop bought and is a fraction of the cost. Well done on zero food waste!

    1. Thanks! It was my first attempt at home made coleslaw, I'm glad that it turned out (especially since I substituted half of the ingredients.)

  2. Good save with the cabbage. You have very ambitious goals. Nice progress you are making with them.

    1. True, I do think big. On the other hand I "usually" make sure I have a concrete plan to reach my goal before setting out, so I know I can achieve it : D