Friday, 21 June 2013

No Food Waste - Tons of Portuguese Custard

I have simply the absence of food waste to announce!  I love when that happens.  Granted my shelves are looking a tad bare, but since I always shop on Saturday morning I only need supper and snack food in the house.  (Which I have, so life is good.)

The food waste challenge that I'll be facing for the next week is doing something with all the perishable food my house mate will be leaving.  There's not much (as far as I can see) but she frequently uses ingredients that I don't typically use so I'm thinking that I'll be googeling at least a couple recipes this week.  On the bright side she is leaving a (large) bowl of Portuguese Custard, which is a truly fantastic dish.  Maybe not one of the healthiest dishes from her fine country, but certainly one of the tastiest.

So for the first time in 3 months I'll have my house to myself.  Having a room mate as been great, though I do admit it is also nice not to have to worry about accommodating another person.  If I weren't in the process of becoming a foster parent I would certainly consider having a room mate again.  Here are the pro's and con's that I've run into:

-The money is good, what can I say it's nice to have someone hand you $400 every month
-Good company, it's nice to occasionally sit at the table and talk to someone over super.
-Boraden's your horizon's, my room mate introduced me to a culture I've never really experienced before and was able to tell me a lot about being a Master's student.

-You have to be thinking about the other person as well, no more leaving dirty dishes out when you feel tired and cleaning them the next day because they clutter up the kitchen.
-Freezer and fridge space are at a premium.
-Up goes your internet and electricity usage, yes this is covered by the rent money, still it's a tad annoying to watch your numbers spike.


  1. Oh well done on the absence of food waste and so funny about the custard - that was the thing we had to toss this week; it got left out and there was a fly in the kitchen - looking rather, erm custardy!

  2. HeHe, at least someone enjoyed the custard!

  3. Good job on no food waste and enjoy the custard. Better you than me because custard is not my favorite food.