Saturday, 15 June 2013

Clothesline Sentiment

One of the primary complaints that I've heard against clotheslines is that they take time.  It takes time to  drag the wet clothes outside, and then hang them up.  It takes time while you wait for them to dry and then it takes time to take them down again.  I'll admit that this was one of my primary concerns when I decided to build my line was that it would take up too much of my time to use it.  I can happily say though that my clothes line doesn't take time, in fact it gives me time.

It gives me time to be outside.  Time to enjoy the summer breeze and the sun.  I'll stand barefoot on my warm patio as I put up my clothes and listen to the sounds of the birds and to the other humans that live around me.  I have the time to admire my garden, despite the fact that there a couple a weeds amid my lettuce and squash.  I can be proud of the fact that I built the clothesline with my own hands and that it actually works.  It gives me time to slow down and enjoy the world that I'm living in.  To be thankful for what I have, a strong body, a passionate mind and an unconquerable soul.  It give me time to think of what ever I want to because there is nothing else that I need to think about.  It gives me time to simply be.

Simple.  All the poetics that I could think about now, sitting in my backyard with my garden, my clothesline and my too long grass have nothing on that simple world.  Simple.  All the apps and the gadgets in the world can't give a person the sense of peace they can find when they go for a simpler life, a slower life.  Don't get me wrong, I work with technology for a living and I think it's great.  But nothing beats slowing down, and taking it all in.

I must keep searching for this simple life, it seems to have all I need.  I hope you find it too.

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