Monday, 17 June 2013

June Mid Month Check-Up

Isn't it crazy how time flies when the sun shining?

Bills/Savings Paid

Mortgage - Successfully doubled-up
Retirement/Emergency Savings - On Track
Housing Taxes/Insurance – Taxes were paid last week, and I only had to pull $30 from my slush fund to cover the difference.  Insurance is on Track
Travel - On Track
Health Insurance - Spent
Bus Pass - Spent
Car Savings – So close to my goal I can taste it.  

Bills waiting to be paid

Cell Phone/Internet - Bills have not yet arrived, but I have a bit extra hanging around in this category just in case. 
Financial Planning - $16.44 My monthly payments for this come out on a strange day.  
Utilities – $221.82 set aside, I finally saw the summer drop in energy consumption, and lets just say I’m hoping for a nice warm fall. 


House Maintenance - Savings are up to $1,520.21. I’ve been spending around $50 a month on small projects around the house.   
Big Ticket Items - $366.59 in savings. 
Train - $89 still there.  Almost two sets of round trip tickets. 
Other Transportation - $90.70 set aside, mostly because people have been offering rides or lending me their car when I’m out past the time that busses run.  
Food - $195.10 left.  I’m using my generous surplus to stock-up on frozen supper; which will make life easier when I start my masters. 
Miscellaneous - $13.59 left.  Finally got my hair cut and refilled my wallet. 
Entertainment - $12.44.  I’ll probably spend part of this saying good-bye to my housemate. 
Social/Sports - $35, I’d need to actually have spare time to spend this.  
Clothes - $60
Gifts - $38.40.  Almost done my brother’s wedding present! 

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