Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The New Year

'Tis the season of resolutions.  Can't say I'm a big fan of making resolutions on New Years.  I have always been of a mind that if you come up with a goal there is no point in waiting for a specific month to start working on it.  So while I do have goals that I am working on they were decided on over time and most have already been started.


- Set up RRSP investments with my return of value pension from the military and contribute $359 a month for the year, along with any tax refunds.

- Pay off house in 5 years.  This is the term of my mortgage and the interest rate that I have is only going to go up.  I should be able to accomplish this by doubling up every payment and paying a 10% lump sum every year.  I have the numbers worked out for the next 2 years, thanks partially to my disability payments, and have a rough idea of how to come up with the money for the following three years.


-Start Masters of Science / Masters of Science in Nursing in the fall.  (I do need to get to work and get my application in order.)


-Join two new clubs in the local area.  (I currently have my eye on three, two quilting and the new comers club for my area.)


-Have my novel accepted to be published.  I have finished the first draft and am in the process of editing.  I plan to have it ready by the end of the month, so I can start sending it out.

-Become a respite foster parent.  I have wanted to do this for a while, and since I now have my own place, I can do it.

-Take a big backpacking trip solo.  I would like to see either mainland Europe or Australia / New Zealand.  I'm currently in the process of hoarding my vacation days and putting away $175 a month to pay for the trip.

-Finish my current crafting projects.  I have 1 quilt, 1 embroidered piece and a cross stitch in the works.  I have this really bad habit of starting new projects before I finish old ones.  (What can I say being perfect is boring : )

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