Sunday, 20 January 2013

A New Set of Wheels

It has arrived!  That special day in a young person's life when they get their first set of wheels.  I am very proud of mine, it's cobalt blue and handles wonderfully.   I'm even considering naming her.


All joking aside I am glad to get my hands on some reliable transportation.  My grocery store is a good 20 min walk away and carrying a week's worth of groceries on my back really aggravates my knee.  Basically after standing for an hour (20 min there, 20 in the store, and 20 back) AND carrying several pounds of groceries for a third of that time I can't stand for the next 48 hours with out pain.  Investing in a wagon will help drastically reduce the load on my knee and make life a lot easier.  If you've missed my previous posts on why I've decided agains a car you can see them here and here.

I found the wagon on my local Kijiji for $45, new this would cost me in the area of $100.  Half price for a wagon who's colour hasn't even started to fade.  Not bad in my books.  Plus it is only 0.045% of what it would cost for one of these.

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