Friday, 25 January 2013

FP - Reducing Food Waste

I hate throwing out food.  Always have, I mean I paid for it so either I'm not planning properly or I'm not following my plan.  I'll admit, when I lived with my sister it was a bit easier to get away with.  If leftovers got thrown out it was obviously her who was suppose to eat it.  That excuse doesn't work so well now that we are living in different cities.  I am now committed to 0 food waste.  If it gets bought it gets eaten.

Simply Being Mum
The first big challenge I had to deal with was what to do with two containers of plain yogurt that had reached their expire date.  (I mean just reached their best before date, they hadn't actually gone.)  Usually I stock up on the stuff when it is on sale since I generally go through it quickly.  Unfortunately the week that I stocked up my eating habits changed slightly.  Due to my knew and unfortunate habit of sleeping in until the last moment I haven't had time to fix a proper breakfast, instead I just wolf down dry granola and pack a morning snack to hold me to lunch.  (I know gotta fix this but back to the main problem.)

What does one do with two full tubs of plain yogurt?

Freeze them of course!  Ok, I know what you're thinking.  That stuff is going to have a really weird consistency when it thaws.  I bet it does to (haven't thawed one yet) fortunately that won't be a problem.  Every weekend I make up a weeks worth of (healthy) smoothies and have one each morning at work for a snack.  Included in the ingredients is plain yogurt and ice cubed, two birds with one stone.

The plain yogurt was portioned out into 1 cup portions and placed in old (rinsed) milk bags.  Then slipped in to the freezer.  I now have enough for a month of smoothies.  How do you reduce food waste?

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