Saturday, 2 February 2013

End Jan 2013 Goal Review

We have reached that wonderful time of year when all those goals we so earnestly made get swept under the bed and forgotten for the next 11 months.  Where am I in my goals?  Lets take a look. 


- Set up RRSP investments with my return of value pension from the military and contribute $359 a month for the year, along with any tax refunds.  CHECK [Ok the RRSP hasn’t been set up since the military has yet to send me my severance and return of value checks.  I will be following up, but really the blame is all on them since it is out of my control.  I have put $359 (10% of my pay) aside each month.]

- Pay off house in 5 years.   I should be able to accomplish this by doubling up every payment and paying a 10% lump sum every year.  CHECK [Haven’t made my 10% for the year but I should be able to do that when my disability money arrives late Feb early March.  I have successfully doubled up every payment to date and recently increased my monthly payment from $646.62 to $711.28.  That means I can pay up to $1,422.56 a month, $1,100 of which goes directly to the principal.]


-Start Masters of Science / Masters of Science in Nursing in the fall.  CHECK [My application is in, now I wait.  In the mean time I need to get busy applying for scholarships.]


-Join two new clubs in the local area.  CHECK [I’ve been to meetings for both the newcomers club and the local Heritage quilting group.  Now I just need to remember to pay the membership fee ; ) ]


-Have my novel accepted to be published.  I plan to have it ready by the end of the month, so I can start sending it out.  NOPE [Haven’t touched this in a month.  I need to schedule a regular time to sit down and work on this.  Otherwise it always gets put on the back burner.]

-Become a respite foster parent.  KIND OF [ I’ve sent out 2 e-mails inquiring about how to start the process.  Haven’t heard anything back yet.  I’ll give them another week and then call or go in person.]

-Take a big backpacking trip solo.  CHECK [Savings is going as planned and I haven’t touched my vacation days yet.]

-Finish my current crafting projects.  NOPE [Haven’t done much on any of my projects.  I’m going to have to set aside some TV/stitch time every night to help me relax before I go to bed.] 

So, 5 and a half goal in progress out of 8 set.  That would be 68.75%.  It is a passing mark, but still kind of low.  I’ll have to work on those neglected goals (or make more goals so that the ones I don’t do don’t count so much.)  Any goals you’ve left neglected?  

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