Thursday, 28 February 2013

End Feb 2013 Goal Review

Ah . . . Time to take a look at how goals are going.  Some are great, some are status quo, and some have me wanting to bang my head repeatedly against the wall (it would probably be more productive.)


- Set up RRSP investments with my return of value pension from the military and contribute $359 a month for the year, along with any tax refunds. CHECK [Well savings are happening as planned.  As for return of value I called to find out what the delay was.  Turns out they lost all my paper work and instead of calling me for the information again they decided to just leave my money sitting there.  But I’ve got the paperwork (again) and tomorrow I’m off to the bank to have it filled in.] 

- Pay off house in 5 years.  I should be able to accomplish this by doubling up every payment and paying a 10% lump sum every year.  CHECK [Made my double up for the month.  Also sat down to figure out concrete numbers.  I’m a bit short in the long run, but am looking at ideas to make up the difference.  If you want the details check out my posts The Mortgage Plan and Kill the mortgage ‘till it’s Dead]


-Start Masters of Science / Masters of Science in Nursing in the fall.  CHECK [Should know if I’ve been accepted in March.  On the bright side I’ve been busy trying to get scholarships.  Fingers crossed.] 


-Join two new clubs in the local area.  KIND OF [I’ve paid my dues to the quilting club (and have been having lots of fun at meetings) but I skipped off Newcomers last month.] 


-Have my novel accepted to be published.  I plan to have it ready by the end of the month (January), so I can start sending it out. CHECK [Ok it’s not been accepted but I’ve made some progress editing it.  Even better I’m planning on attending a seminar in March (run by a literary agent and the representative of a local publisher) on how to get your book published so I’m committed to having presentable by then.]

-Become a respite foster parent.  CHECK [All I need is one more reference and I’ll be ready to hand in my application, hopefully some time next week.  The medical portion is going to be fun to sort out but I’ve got 6 months to do it.]

-Take a big backpacking trip solo.  CHECK [Saving is going as planned and I haven’t touched my vacation days yet.] 

-Finish my current crafting projects.  KIND OF [I have been working on them, problem is I can never decide which one to work on.  The cross stitch is almost done but it’s only going to get hung on my wall so there’s no rush, the embroidery is a gift with a bit of a deadline, and the quilt is coming along quickly but it’s not close to finished and is only going to sit on an empty bed.  Hmm, now that it’s been typed out it’s clear I need to work on the embroidery.] 

Six goals have seen good progress and two have seen “kind of” progress so I’ll give my self 7 out of 8 or 87.5%.  Not bad.  Big things to concentrate on in March are 1. Get my book presentable 2. Get out to all my social events 3. Get good progress on the embroidery piece so I know it’ll be finished on time.  

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