Monday, 9 September 2013

Over Budgeting Food

Those of you who follow me regularly will notice that I always budget $160 for food each month. What you probably don't know is that I only spend around $120 each month. That would be why I started out September with $285.11 in my food section. Why do I do such a strange thing, putting more in than I know I'll spend?

It's a luxury, which I can afford and enjoy having. When I was transitioning between jobs and had just bought a house money was a tad tight. As such I really did have to tighten down on my food budget and pay attention to what I bought. I would have two sections on my grocery list, the need to buys in order to feed myself for the next week, and the nice to haves which was treats, stocking up on food for later and so on. I kept a running tally in my head of what was in my cart and when necessary but things back or didn't pick them up to begin with.

Now I make my list, pick everything up and check out with out paying all that much attention to the cost. I still spend on average $120 a month on my food, but unlike previous months there is no pressure or worry when I shop. It's a small luxury, but it's one that I enjoy and can afford.

Obviously I will not accumulate extra food money indefinitely. One of these days (probably after Christmas) I'll cut back on my food budget and use up some of the extra in that section. But for now I enjoy the privilege of eating what I want without thought of cost.

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