Friday, 2 August 2013

Pay Day August 2013 Meets Food Waste

It' both a friday and the day after payday so you folks get a double post!  On the food front I can report 0 waste this week though I do have a drawer full of produce that I need to use up in the coming week.  Not to mention two full tubs of plain yogurt for same baking that I had planned . . . then didn't get around to.  

On the bright side my plum tree had produced it's first ripe fruit of the season and they are awesome!  I've been eating them as soon as they ripen, checking for new ones every day when I get home.  

So my monthly pay check is in for a total of $3,598.39.  No extra money came in this month. 

Housing 40% - $1,439.35
Mortgage - $646.62
House Maintenance - $315.00
Housing Taxes - $192.00
House Insurance - $72.00
Utilities – $213.73
Total – $1,439.35

Savings 10% - $359.83 – All going to my RRSP

Debt 10% - $359.83

Transportation 15% - $539.75
Bus Pass – $68.25
Train - $0
Other - $0
Car Savings – $471.50
Total - $539.75

Life 25% - $899.63
Food - $160
Cell – $30
Internet - $50
Health Insurance – $23.52
Clothes - $10
Gifts - $10
Misc - $10
Big Ticket Item - $100
Entertainment - $10
Social/Sports - $0
Financial Planning - $14
Slush – $482.11
Total - $899.63

Of Note:

-$416.11 of the Slush money is going towards my monthly double up for my mortgage.  This leaves $66 in the Slush account

-My Emergency Fund is fully funded and my vacation goals have been re-written, thus no more contributions to those two. 

-This month is the last month contributing to my car savings, which have now hit $9,000 and will happily sit around collecting interest until I actually want a car (Hehe, ‘cause we know that going to happen some day soon).  


  1. There's nothing like fresh fruit off the tree. The plums sound so good, but there aren't many plum trees around here. Good job with no waste. I too had no waste this week and have some yogurt and produce that I need to keep an eye.

    1. Too much produce is usually pretty easy to use up, the trick is to find the time : )

  2. Hi Elizabeth, You have done a good job by completing both of the important jobs Emergency Fund and vacation goals. I am still doing for 2013..:(